What Is Leak Testing? How Can I Know My Pipes Are Still Good?

29 May. 19

What is Leak Testing? How Can I Know If My Pipes Are Still Good?

Your home means a lot to you and you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong with it. But when an issue does arise, it’s important to know what to do. When you notice a water leak in your house, it is important to get it fixed before the problem gets out of control and your house is destroyed. It can result in a very expensive issue, causing you time, stress and money that you may not have.

What are some of the main signs of a water leak?

Wet Patches – If you notice that there are wet patches on the ceiling/walls where the pipes are running above/behind there might be a leak. This can develop into mold over time and peel off the paint.

Suspicious Smell – An odorous and damp smell in your home may appear when you have a leak.

High Water Bill – If your water bill is high, even after you’ve cut down on your usage, there’s a possibility of a leak in your home.

So what’s the solution? If you suspect there is a leak within your home, make sure that you call a leak detection service, like LeakHero, who can help to identify where the leak is coming from. They will use an array of cutting edge techniques to detect the leak and help you get thing around your home fully functional again so that no further damage occurs.

What is leak testing?

Leak testing is a way of detecting a leak within the home. Identifying the problem before it is too late, it can be the difference between a small bill and a large one, as well as preventing catastrophic destruction in your beloved home. A leak detection service will use a variety of state-of-the-art leak detector technology to detect where the liquid is coming from – including thermal imaging, acoustic techniques and sensor and flow based machines.

One of the first ways that you can see whether there is a leak within your home is by checking the water meter. If the flow indicator (the small red arrow) is moving after you have turned off your water supply, you know that there is a leak in either your yard or in your house itself.

How you can use it around your home to see if pipes are okay

When the leak detection service has found the leak location, you can see if your pipes are still okay. There are many reasons as to why a leak may occur, from corrosion to high pressure, change in temperature and blockages. This may result in pinhole leaks or a larger hole developing.

Replacing large parts of piping can be very expensive, so the sooner the problem is found, the sooner it can be fixed and the less it will cost you (as well as preventing further water damage). From leak testing you can also check to see if the pipes have corroded and may need to be changed out – by detecting this early, it will save you on spending out money in the future on services as well as having to completely replace the entire length of the pipe (rather than just a section of it).

If you believe you have a leak, contact LeakHero for all of your leak detection needs.

What is Leak Testing? How Can I Know If My Pipes Are Still Good?