Commercial Building Leaks

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Commercial Water Leak Detectors in Florida

As a business owner, few things are as frustrating as an unexpected interruption in your business’ daily operations and routine. These interruptions can take your attention away from making sure everything is running smoothly, or even worse, can directly cost you money, eating into your bottom line.

Among these types of interruptions, the last thing a Florida business owner wants to deal with is a water leak in their business, storefront or other commercial property. Not only can a commercial water leak interrupt the flow of your business, but it might also cause you to put your operations on hold until you can discover the source of the leak and make any necessary repairs. That is why if you see signs of a commercial building leak, or suspect there might be an issue, do not wait for things to get worse. Instead, it is best that you call a professional immediately to help find the source of your commercial water leak before things get any worse.

Why Choose LeakHero?

With this in mind, choosing the right commercial water leak detection business is key to resolving your issue quickly and accurately.

LeakHero specializes in building leak detection for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team uses less invasive, state-of-the-art technology that makes detecting a leak easy and effective. A commercial building leak that is detected correctly saves you time and money and avoids further water damage on your property.

LeakHero can provide pinpoint accuracy to help your commercial building avoid unnecessary property damage. Not only can this save you money in the long run, but it can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.


LeakHero Commercial Leak Detector

Commercial Water Leak Detection Services in Florida

LeakHero is:

  • Florida’s #1 Water Leak Detection Service.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Licensed and Insured.

LeakHero has one simple philosophy to success: service first. Our high-quality service translates into quick, accurate, and non-invasive water leak detection which makes our customers happy and our reputation solid. Our team responds to all calls with prompt friendly service and is ready to locate your water leak issue quickly.

Commercial Building Leak Signs

There are many signs that indicate you may have a leak present in your home:

  • High water bill.
  • Mold, especially persistent and/or reoccurring mold.
  • Water damage on the ceiling or walls.
  • Sound of running water in walls.
  • Toilets are always running.

Detecting the Commercial Building Leak

LeakHero understands how frustrating commercial building leaks and water damage can be around your business and your property—especially when you know they are happening, but do not know where they are coming from. Our qualified commercial water leak detector professionals utilize advanced detection technology, allowing us to detect a leak in places you can’t even see. We can locate and trace phone lines, water lines, power lines, gas lines and sewer lines allowing us to safely find the source of the water leak without causing any additional problems around your business.

If you are experiencing any of the issues above and believe you may have a leak in your commercial building, you need to get the professionals out to your business immediately. Contact LeakHero today for fast and accurate commercial water leak detection services from the best in the business. If you’re experiencing a water leak in your home, let LeakHero provide residential water leak detection services. If you’re experiencing a water leak in your industrial building, let LeakHero provide industrial water leak detector services.

LeakHero is proud to provide services for Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Venice, Bradenton, Punta Gorda, North Port, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Marco Island, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Nokomis. For quality leak detection services provided in the Southwest Florida area, give us a call at 855-239-LEAK (5325) today.