Here's Why Your Leaky Ceiling Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think: 5 Consequences You Might Not Know Of

25 Apr. 19

Here’s Why Your Leaky Ceiling Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think: 5 Consequences You Might Not Know Of

Do you have a leaky ceiling in your home? Even if it is relatively small and does not seem like a major issue to be concerned about, there are actually very many potential consequences you might not even be aware of. Here are 5 of those consequences that show your leaky ceiling is a much bigger deal than you might think.

1. Higher Utility Bills

Your leaky ceiling might not only be a nuisance disrupting your way of life and comfort in your own home, it can also be a nuisance to your bank account. Depending on the source of the leak in your ceiling, you could potentially be paying more money each month in multiple utility bills.

If the leak is coming from plumbing within your home, then you are almost certain to see an increase in your water bill each month as leaky pipes are less efficient, requiring you to use more to accomplish the same tasks. Roof leaks or plumbing leaks in your attic can also cause higher heating and cooling utility bills, as your home’s insulation can be damaged and depleted by water leaking on it. Even your power bill can be affected if water leaks into your home’s wiring, potentially causing them to short out and not function as they are meant to.

2. Fires Caused By Water Damage

Higher utility bills are not the only possible electrical consequence of your leaky ceiling. In fact, there are significantly more dire consequences issues this can cause. Water damage to electrical systems in your home can actually put you, your family, and your home in serious danger. Since shorts in electrical wiring can cause sparks, this puts your home in serious fire danger, as things like insulation can ignite from these sparks and spread quickly.

3. Slip And Fall Risk

You might think it sounds unlikely, but your leaky ceiling can even cause physical harm to people in your home, especially to children or the elderly, who are already more vulnerable and at a higher risk of slipping and falling. It takes very little water to create a potential slip and fall hazard.

4. Shock Risk

Even if water damage to electrical systems in your home does not result in catastrophe with a fire, it can still be extremely hazardous. This damage can result in electrical shock through malfunctioning electrical systems or water pooled around shorted wires.

5. Health Risk

If your ceiling is leaking, it is highly likely that much more water has accumulated above your ceiling. This creates an environment where mold is much more likely to grow, which can be a serious health risk to you and your family.

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Here’s Why Your Leaky Ceiling Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think: 5 Consequences You Might Not Know Of