28 Jun. 19

A Leak The Size of a Pinhole Can Ruin Your House -Why You Should Hire a Leak Detector

When people hear the term ‘disasterous leak’ they often imagine a basement that’s flooding with water or a ceiling that is about to shatter like glass under the weight of the build up. The reality, however, is often far more subtle than this and a damaging leak could truly be tiny and almost impossible to detect. It could be so small that you won’t even know it’s there. Instead, the issue will build, until it starts to cause problems in your home.

Believe it or not, a tiny leak the size of a pinhole really could cost you thousands in property damage and may even mean that your home is unsafe to live in. Let’s explore some of the problems that a leak can cause and the solution that you need.

High Water Bills

This might seem like a minor issue, particularly if it’s only a small leak, but don’t be so sure. It’s quite possible that even a tiny leak will cause serious problems with your water bills. You might, for instance, find that you have to contend with what could be a twenty-five percent rise. That’s certainly going to add up by the end of the year. As such, the quicker you sort out the leak, the sooner you’ll save money.

Property Damage

Even a small leak can cause a lot of property damage in your home. For instance, you might find that it obliterates the drywall. It could damage it or completely destroy it and this won’t depend on the size of the leak. Signs of damage like this include the wall rising in places where water has built up. It can also cause damage to the flooring in your property. Flooring can be expensive and the last thing you want is to need to replace an entire section. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what can happen if a leak is not addressed. A leak can even cause havoc to the fixtures of your property. Something can get lodged in the plumbing resulting in lowered water pressure and more expensive repairs.

Dangerous Issues

Even a small water leak can be potentially dangerous to your health, because it can ultimately cause mold to grow. Mold releases spores into the atmosphere which can be dangerous, particularly for young children and seniors. You may also find that a leak results in damp walls which could attract pests and insects to your home or even weaken important structures.

Are Leaks Difficult To Detect?

Small yet significant leaks are incredibly difficult to find. You have hundreds of feet of pipe running through your home. Even spotting a damp patch on the wall may not help you fully identify the exact point of the leak. For that, you need a leak locator, like the professionals at LeakHero. They’ll use advanced equipment and expertise to pinpoint the spot and ensure that it is dealt with.

If you think you might have a leak, you can’t leave it to fester. You need to make sure that you address it as quickly as possible. To locate the leak, call LeakHero today.

If you believe you have a leak, contact LeakHero for all of your leak detection needs.

A Leak The Size of a Pinhole Can Ruin Your House -Why You Should Hire a Leak Detector