05 Jul. 19

3 Telltale Signs That Your Irrigation System is Leaking

A water leak in your sprinkler system can seriously impact the health and appearance of your lawn and cause your water bill to sky-rocket. Leaking water could potentially cause structural damage to your home if the leak location is nearby.

Irrigation leaks should be detected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent lasting damage to your property. Here’s how to know if you have one:

Telltale Wet or Dead Areas

A functioning sprinkler system waters your lawn uniformly so you don’t have to water by hand or drag your hose and sprinkler from place to place. If you start noticing that some parts of your lawn are slushier underfoot than others, you may have an irrigation leak. Likewise, areas, where the lawn is dying from overwatering or lack of water, indicate uneven water coverage.

Rule Out Surface Water Issues

Check your surface water drainage around the leak location. If the damp area is lower than the rest of the yard, or rainwater collects there when you are not using the sprinklers, drainage might be the issue, rather than a leak. If not, you may have an irrigation leak.

Damage to The Sprinkler System

Have a close look at any visible parts of your sprinkler system to check for physical damage. Exposed pipes and sprinkler heads are especially vulnerable to wear and tear, as well as burrowing or gnawing by animals. If you drove your car or a heavy piece of machinery over your pipes, damage may have been sustained.

What To Do If Your Irrigation Is Leaking? Check that your nozzles aren’t buried or clogged to rule out a simple fix before starting any larger-scale repair work.

If the leak is deeper than at the sprinkler head, it’s best to call in professional leak detection. At LeakHero we are experienced and ready to perform leak detection on your irrigation to find the exact location of the leak and to also remedy the issue as fast as possible.

3 Telltale Signs That Your Irrigation System is Leaking